Friday, August 2, 2013

Cannibal Creek 2010 Chardonnay

There are so many great Australian chardonnays out there in the marketplace right now; with a smorgasbord of styles to choose from. Cannibal Creek Vineyard, in the foothills of the Black Snake Ranges in the West Gippsland, may not have the kudos of the Yarra Valley or Mornington Peninsula, but what's in the bottle is a damn fine. There is some nutty oaky goodness on the nose but the palate is all about elegance and balance with 30% new oak impressively integrated and adding structure rather than overt flavours. There's a lovely minerally linearity, sensible restrain (just 13% alcohol) but most of all a refreshing drinkability to this wine. Quite lovely and well worth $28.  

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