Saturday, February 12, 2011

Yalumba Y Series 2010 Pinot Grigio

Wine snobs may scoff - but this is an absolutely fantastic drink for the price, as are many of the wines in the Yalumba Y Series range. It ticks all the boxes when it comes to an everyday drinking wine; it is fresh and vibrant, crisp and clean, determinedly varietal, has some compexity added from wild ferment and lees ageing and is dreadfully easy to drink. I believe lively, zingy grigio is more likely to find favour with mainstream drinkers than the more textural - and demanding gris - and it is wines like this, with 13% alcohol and tropical fruit and shortbread biscuit characters on the palate, that can lead the way. The good news is that you often find it for several dollars cheaper than the RRP - which makes it a ridiculous bargain. I'm recommending this to anyone who cares to listen. $13.


The Wine Punter said...
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The Wine Punter said...

Great summary of this wine. I've been drinking more Pinot Gris and Grigio lately and I think this particular wine is an excellent introduction and example of the variety. I'm confidently recommending this to my
'Sauv Blanc only' friends (I don't have many, promise!) as the next evolutionary step in their wine drinking! I am working my way through the 'Y Series' wines, they are fantastic value.