Friday, December 2, 2011

Chrismont 2011 La Zona Arneis

Arnie Pizzini and his team at Christmont in Victoria's King Valley turn out an excellent range of wines, all at emininently reasonable prices, but this one leapt out at me. It's a delightfully different style, made from the northern Italian grape arneis, that is beautfully fresh in its youth with crisp green apple and pear notes, the merest hint of honey and some some attractive crispness and minerality on the finish. A lovely understated wine for enjoying chilled, it's one for sipping and savouring. From a winery that has a reputation for "alternative" varieties, this is one of the most impressive Australian versions of arneis I have seen; from a grape that can sometimes be a little nondescript it is nice to see a wine offering such interest. $22.

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Alex said...

I picked up a bottle of this yesterday and really enjoyed it (fortunately there's a little left). This summer Arneis is turning into my go to wine - I'm loving trying out the Australian examples I can find (sometimes easier said than done).