Saturday, October 15, 2016

Angove 2015 Long Row Shiraz

You don't get much for a tenner nowadays. Maybe a sandwich and a pack of crisps at the local, or perhaps a glass of something pretty average at the bar. How the Angove family manage to put out a bottle of this drinkability at a bargain basement price is something of a mystery, but also something that wine drinkers on a tight budget should celebrate. This the perfect midweek drink; a clean, bright and fresh fruit-driven red from the Riverland with plenty of flavour. There's red and black fruit, hints of pepper and minimal oak influence. It would be terrific with a grilled sausage sandwich, a cheeseburger and chips, or a slice of pizza. At $20 you'd say it doesn't stand out from the crowd. But at $10 it's a ripper.   

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