Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Taylors 2016 Sauvignon Blanc

I really couldn't care less what the bearded hipster habitues of oh so funky inner-city wine bars have to say. They can keep their 100% full-bunch wines from the slopes of Mt Etna that have been matured in amphorae. On a hot summer day in Australia, with the sun beating down, a lot of wine drinkers want refreshment, flavour and some crisp acid. This new-release sauvignon blanc from Taylors, which sources fruit from the Adelaide Hills, delivers drinkability in spades - but it won''t be getting too many sommelier recommendations. It is fruity, zesty and fun - everything you'd want in a young sub-$20 white. Chill it, get it in ya. $19. www.taylorswines.com.au.     

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The Windmill Paddock said...

I love your description and reasoning behind drinking Sav Blanc. Im going to quote you with reference to this post on our Tarzali FB page as we have a Sav Blanc that fits this perfect. Cheers