Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Clandestine Vineyards Break Free 2022 Bliss Bomb


Pét Nat is not usually my preferred style of wine, but this one - and its still sibling Petit Blancs - took my fancy, and also found favour with my tasting group. Break Free "natural" wines are the brainchild of Trudy Rowles Stacy, part of the Clandestine Vineyards team, and were born from a desire to showcase grapes vinified with zero intervention. This is produced using the méthode ancestral, meaning it was bottled prior to fully completing its first fermentation and is unfined and unfiltered. This nifty little cloudy number is made from 100% Swan Valley chenin blanc. It is a cheeky wine, with just 10.5% alcohol, plenty of zingy, fruity and spicy vibrancy, along with high refreshment value. Serve with a cheese platter. $32. https://clandestinevineyards.com.au/break-free-vin-nat/

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