Saturday, March 9, 2024

JP Drouet 2022 Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc


A little taste of France for a tenner? Yes, it is another of those Aldi wine bargains that are popping up with impressive regularity. From just down the road from sauvignon blanc heartland in Sancerre, it is a definite bargain. Made mainly with fruit from nearby Touraine, this is the perfect choice for midweek drinking. It is crisp and clean and without any overt herbaceous notes or intrusive acid. Zingy and refreshing, it can be enjoyed with our without food, given its stone fruit and tropical flavours and brisk mineral hints. Aldi wine supremo Jason Bowyer and his team recommend enjoying it with a chicken salad. It also went well with a ham and coleslaw sandwich on sourdough. A lighter style perfect for lunchtime enjoyment. $10.

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