Thursday, June 6, 2024

Henschke 2023 Louis Semillon

The Henschke family is well known for its innovative vineyard practices - and its superb high-end wines including Hill of Grace Shiraz and Cyril Cabernet. What is less recognised is that Henschke also produces several very good wines at much lower price points than its vinous stars. This lovely semillon made using fruit from 50-year-old vines is a case in point. It shares the six generations and 150 years of winemaking history but offers both affordability and drinkability. This Eden Valley semillon is super-food friendly, and less aggressive when young than its Hunter Valley counterparts. Think a cohesive blend of florals, citrus, apple, honey, lemon curd tart and herbal notes with plenty of palate length and some refreshing acidity on the palate. Pair with fish or poultry dishes and chill lightly. Deliciously slurpable. $35.

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