Saturday, March 19, 2016

Pauletts 2015 Polish Hill River Riesling

There is an erudite, but extremely annoying, fellow called Ralph Kyte-Powell, who writes informative wine reviews for The Age newspaper. He's frustrating because my palate so often coincides with his. It is not unknown for us to review the same wines in the same week. I'd had this superb value riesling from Pauletts in the Clare Valley marked to be posted today for a couple of weeks. Then I open Mr Kite-Powell's column in Tuesday's Good Food section and he'd gone ahead and reviewed it - and was similarly enthusiastic. Great minds, maybe, or perhaps both lovers of bracing young Clare rieslings. This has oodles of zingy lemon and lime sorbet character and is clean and fresh. It would pair well with peri-peri pan-fried John Dory (as well as the Thai fishcakes Mr Ktye-Powell recommends). Go ahead and try it. We can't both be wrong. $23.           

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