Friday, April 1, 2016

Foster e Rocco 2012 Sangiovese

I was reviewing the 2015 Foster e Rocco Rosé for a print publication recently and remember being impressed by the way it combined savoury notes with a bright, juicy drinkability. I felt exactly the same way about this wine; three years older, altogether more serious, but made from Heathcote sangiovese and just as joyfully drinkable. I first met Adam Foster when he was a keen young sommelier at The Lake House in Daylesford. Since then he's formed a formidable winemaking partnership with fellow somm Lincoln Riley, as well as making wines under his own Syrahmi label. Whether you go for the rosé, nuovo or straight sangiovese in this impressive range you are getting plenty of bang for your buck. Recommended. $29.   

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